Are you a professional in the field of water, subsurface and or infrastructure? Do you want to use your knowledge and expertise to make an impact on major challenges facing society? Deltares offers you an innovative working environment where you will work with others in international multidisciplinary teams and with colleagues who are leaders in their fields.

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Working with professionals to build a solid knowledge base for social issues

At Deltares, we work from the philosophy of 'dare to share'.  We connect theory and practice and make our knowledge useful for others. Working together from different perspectives and disciplines provides opportunities to learn from each other and do things even better.

This is where we see the strength of our staff and our organisation and this is an important precondition for the achievement of our ambitions. After all, our colleagues are the people who ensure that we can make ‘Enabling Delta Life’ a reality. With the power of evidence-based knowledge in the area of water and the subsurface and our passion for a sustainable living environment.

Talented, professional and motivated people work at Deltares. Together, we are the guarantors of high scientific quality. And in our work, we place the interests of society above individual interests.

Deltares gives you the freedom to continue developing yourself on your chosen path. We cannot solve the extreme problems facing our deltas on our own. We need expertise inside and outside Deltares to devise solutions together.

Ask our employees

To me, Deltares is an innovative institute. It provides unique services, knowledge, and tools. Their knowledge and tools are used hugely in the Netherlands and widely around the globe. We help people, agencies, governments, and regions to improve their lives or environment and avoid losses. We contribute with others to maintain our world. I'm honored to be part of such a helping and contribution. Given these missions, inspiration and work freedom make it possible for all of us to pursue our career dreams within Deltares.  Although the majority of our colleagues are Dutch, there is a unique born-established environment at Deltares which makes it suitable and comfortable for all cultures and nationalities.
Amgad Omer
Advisor in rivers-reservoirs
From a young age, I have been fascinated by how people in drought areas deal with water - one of the reasons to study hydrology. At Deltares, I can use my knowledge to contribute to a healthy living environment. I work on solutions to water shortages and justified use of (ground) water by combining research and practice. By proactively seeking opportunities and working together with various Deltares experts and partners, you can set up great projects. Last year, for example, I worked with a group of colleagues on an Integral Groundwater Study for the Netherlands, in which we brought together as much existing knowledge as possible about groundwater quantity and quality and explained it to a wider audience. It was very cool to see how much knowledge of Deltares and partners there is in this area and what the added value of this is for water managers, policy makers and users of groundwater.
Dimmie Hendriks
Groundwater and drought specialist