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Do you want to contribute to safe and sustainable living in deltas throughout the world? Deltares gives you that opportunity. Our mission of ‘Enabling Delta Life’ is more urgent than ever against the backdrop of drastic developments such as climate change, extreme weather events and population growth. Robust knowledge based on an integrated approach is needed about water and the subsurface. Only with the best people can we meet these challenges. 

Are you interested in a career with Deltares? Here’s what you need to know!

Excellent working conditions

In addition to a competitive salary, we offer 34 holiday days, a vitality and a mobility budget and a ABP average-salary pension. We aim to allow you to organise your work in a way that creates a work-life balance. For more information, go here for our complete overview.

Room for professional and personal development

At Deltares, you work using your talents and you are given ample opportunities to develop them further. Working at Deltares means freedom to structure your work in the context of our missions. 

Deltares invests generously in employee development. The Deltares Talent Development Programme (TOP) provides opportunities to follow a variety of courses for the purposes of individual professional development. The TOP courses are designed to increase understanding and to develop and strengthen knowledge and skills. Examples include project management, self-leadership, feedback and time management. 

In addition to the courses in the TOP, you are invited to state the areas where you want to learn.

Applications and onboarding

Application procedure

Step 1- You apply by clicking on the ‘apply immediately’ button in the advertisement. You can then upload your CV and cover letter or video. Our aim is to respond initially within two weeks after the closing date.

Step 2- If your motivation and experience are a match, we will invite you for an initial interview with colleagues and the department management. We like to have an open conversation where you get to know us and we get to know you. In addition to your professional knowledge, we like to see if you are the enthusiastic professional we are looking for and if there is a click between us.

Step 3- A follow-up interview with other colleagues from the team and the HR Business partner.

Step 4- Is a great offer!

Job application tips

How can you prepare best for the job interview? In the interview, you will be asked why you want to work for Deltares. 

  • Think about why the job description appeals to you. 
  • Take a moment to look up your interviewer(s) on LinkedIn and check out the Deltares website to learn more. Or get in touch with a Deltares employee (if you happen to know someone already) to pick up information. 
  • Read the job advertisement again carefully. It describes the professional knowledge and competences that are important for the position. It is highly likely that, during the interview, you will be asked about those competences.
  • Of course, the interview is also an important moment for you to learn more about Deltares. Questions you ask about the position, working at Deltares, the team etc. can help you form a more complete picture. That is why we advise you to take the opportunity during the interview to ask your questions.

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to be yourself! We wish you every success at the interview.

Good onboarding for a flying start

We want every new colleague to make a flying start! We are convinced our new colleagues should get the best out of their work, feel happy about what they do, and work here for long periods with a sense of commitment and enjoyment. The onboarding period is a part of this flying start. It includes an induction programme, mentoring, a general introduction day and intervision. 

Enabling Delta Life
Knowledge is core

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