Everyone at Deltares contributes to a the mission of ‘Enabling Delta Life’. For example, our support departments work closely with the core business. Please allow us to introduce them to you:

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Finance and Control (F&C)

F&C is responsible for financial, fiscal and legal procedures at Deltares. We work closely with our colleagues in the field such as project leaders, department heads and unit managers. Our unit controllers and project administrators are, so to speak, the financial conscience of our socially relevant projects.

Our lawyers work hard to transform legal theory into Deltares practice. In that way, everyone contributes to safe and sustainable living in deltas throughout the world.

For me it is exciting to work with people that are creative, innovative and very passionate about their work. Deltares is full of people like that. We are all working together to deliver the highest quality possible to our clients. You can work on something new everyday, as the Deltares’ projects are very divers. Getting challenged is a big part of why it is fun to work at Deltares. Next to the projects and colleagues, it is also a big plus to work for a company that is very environmentally conscious. 
Anne van den Hooven
Legal counsel
I find working at Deltares a challenging experience, because the focus is always on technical matters and knowledge, and not always on finance. I’d describe the working environment as informal, and my colleagues as engaged and reliable. And we enjoy a laugh together! Deltares’ mission is ‘Enabling Delta life’. In addition, at FNC we have the mission ‘Enable Deltares to enable Delta Life’. At Deltares, money isn’t an end, but a means of acquiring, using and disseminating knowledge. At FNC, our task is to ensure that we use it as effectively as possible to maximise the development and dissemination of knowledge.
Gerard Kruger

Experimental Facility Services

At Deltares, we have a wide range of unique test arrays and facilities for water and the subsurface. Examples are the Water-Soil Flume, the geotechnical laboratory or our Delta Flume. A large number of skilled employees with advanced qualifications in the fields of soil and building materials, electrical engineering, metal and wood, work on those arrays and facilities. They support Deltares-wide activities in areas such as modelling, mechanical engineering, instrumentation, and control engineering. In addition, they perform technical maintenance on behalf of the managers of the physical facilities and/or manage that maintenance with third parties. We are regularly looking for model project technicians and R&D engineers to join our team. 

As in real life, pre-conceived ideas sometimes run differently. In terms of hardware, the physical facilities are the same every day, but the investigations that take place there with their associated challenges are not. In my work, in addition to structure and planning, the key is to improvise when the situation calls for it. Through my efforts, my colleagues are able to conduct high-quality model research in the facilities. This research contributes to various community issues. I am proud to be a part of this.
Richard Boele
Technical Facility Specialist

Facility management (FAM)

The FAM department manages the facilities that allow our colleagues to do their work properly. 

FAM provides a wide range of services: welcoming visitors, accommodation, maintenance of the buildings, grounds and installations, energy management, transportation, cleaning, catering, audiovisual services, photography and graphic design. 

Our workplace is unique and extremely dynamic. Our campus alone is constantly changing and we are making it increasingly sustainable. We build new facilities and regular organise events, both large and small. So every day at FAM is different.


The Communications department helps colleagues with communications about their work. The advisors help to develop communicable messages that enhance our impact.
As a department, we work to position Deltares as a renowned research institute in the field of water and the subsurface. The guiding principle is to address issues facing society such as climate change, land subsidence and drought. In this way, several colleagues have contributed to the recent IPCC reports. Or to research on how climate change is affecting our drinking water supplies. These are subjects that mean we are frequently in the news.

The department works with, among others, strategic communications advisors, a content marketer and wonderful communications tools such as Deltalife, Deltarespons, intranet and an active media policy.

Human Resources Department

HRD advises managers and other colleagues about human resources and the organisation. In addition to HR advice for management, we also contribute to our organisational development. For example in the areas of diversity & inclusion, workforce structuring, brand positioning and digital transformation. Our team consists of HR specialists in the areas of policy, employment law, learning & development and support in the areas of recruitment, absenteeism, HR administration and HR business partners. Deltarians (in other words, our Deltares colleagues) are our most important asset and working for HR means you deliver considerable added value. 

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