Do you want to deliver added value? Are you someone who asks the right questions, sizes up the consequences and likes to come up with the right solutions in collaboration with others? Do you take the initiative in putting forward improvements in order to work in a way that’s smarter or more digital? If so, we’re the right place for you to work! All support departments are characterised by close cooperation and regular coordination. There’s an informal atmosphere in which people work together with drive and in a collegiate manner. 


We want every new colleague to make a flying start! We think it's important for new colleagues to get the best out of their work, feel happy about what they do, and go to work here with a sense of commitment and enjoyment. The onboarding period is part of this flying start. Guidance of a mentor, the Deltares introduction day and intervision are part of this onboardingthis onboarding.this onboarding.this onboarding.this onboarding.

Personal development

At Deltares the work you do is based on your talents, and you have plenty of opportunity to develop them further. Working at Deltares means the freedom to shape your work yourself, within the framework of our missions. This calls for pro-activity, cooperation and entrepreneurship. Nothing is impossible at Deltares!                                                        

Deltares puts a lot of effort into employee development. With the Deltares Talent Development Program (TOP), you can take a variety of tailor-made courses for the benefit of your professional growth. The TOP courses are aimed at increasing understanding and developing and strengthening knowledge and skills. Examples include project management, self-leadership, feedback and time management.                              

In addition to the courses from the TOP program, you are invited to indicate in which technical fields you want to learn.         

Ask our employees

My name is Gerard Kruger and I work as Teamleader Business Control in Finance and Control (FNC). I joined Deltares because I think it’s important to work for an organisation that contributes to the world: keeping our feet dry and making the world a safer place!  Being able in my work to really help colleagues with setting up and implementing projects financially gives me energy. I find working at Deltares a challenging experience, because the focus is always on technical matters and knowledge, and not always on finance. I’d describe the working environment as informal, and my colleagues as engaged and reliable. And we enjoy a laugh together! Deltares’ mission is ‘Enabling Delta life’. In addition, at FNC we have the mission ‘Enable Deltares to enable Delta Life’. At Deltares, money isn’t an end, but a means of acquiring, using and disseminating knowledge. At FNC, our task is to ensure that we use it as effectively as possible to maximise the development and dissemination of knowledge.
Gerard Kruger

Working @ Deltares: Gerard Kruger Teamleider Unit control

Working @ Deltares: Gerard Kruger Teamleider Unit control