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Working at Deltares

Our people work throughout the world, and they come to us from everywhere on the planet. Working for Deltares means working in an environment in which flexibility and freedom of thought are encouraged. We want our workforce to reflect the diversity of the relevant courses of study at universities and institutions of higher education, and the relevant labor market. This broad diversity in terms of background is one of the main strengths of Deltares. Diversity is not only a question of ethnic origin or gender but also of age and disabilities. Do you want to continuously develop your scientific knowledge? Is it your ambition to be a pioneer in your field of work, here in The Netherlands and abroad? Do you like to find innovative solutions and dislike standard thinking? Then you are very welcome at Deltares.

What do we offer you?

Knowledge and Innovation
The challenges we face now and in the future demand innovative solutions. For this reason, we do scientific research, build test set-ups, test in our Delta flume and stand with our boots in the mud to test in the field. This is how we achieve smart innovations and useful solutions for people, the environment and society, such as the Coarse sand barrier developed by Deltares. A technology that works faster, cheaper and more sustainable than the traditional approach to reinforce dikes.
At Deltares we work in international, multidisciplinary teams. Not only with colleagues who are leaders in their field, but also with partners and clients. Colleagues have different backgrounds and disciplines such as hydrologists, urban planners, ecologists, economists and morphologists. We make our knowledge usable for others. We share this knowledge with a ‘dare to share’ philosophy that offers us opportunities to do even better and to learn from each other.
Our work has impact on society. We look for example at the consequences of climate change: what measures are needed when an accelerated sea level rise scenario arises? We map the consequences of cyber attacks on water safety. And we are investigating how we can reduce the impact of plastics on our environment, health and society. All projects in which we ensure that deltas remain livable and safe, also for future generations!
Your development
Deltares gives you the opportunity to use and develop your talents. Working at Deltares means freedom to shape your work within our strategy. It requires pro-activity, cooperation and entrepreneurship. Nothing is impossible at Deltares!

The origins of Deltares

Deltares was established in 2008 after the merger of GeoDelft; Delft Hydraulics; parts of TNO Built
Environment and Geosciences and parts of the specialist services RIZA, RIKZ and DWW of
Rijkswaterstaat. The establishment of a research and innovation centre for delta issues was vitally
important in order to keep the vulnerable and flood-sensitive Dutch delta liveable in a sustainable
way. The aim was to advise both the government and the business community and to combine and
strengthen the knowledge available in the Netherlands so that innovative solutions could be found
to address the consequences of climate change. Deltares was also expected to play an important
role in providing international access to Dutch knowledge in the field of water management.
Deltares is an independent applied research institute in the area of water and subsurface. We are
involved throughout the world in smart innovations, solutions and applications for people,
environment and society. We focus primarily on deltas, coastal regions and river catchments.
Managing these densely-populated and vulnerable areas is complex and so we work closely with
government authorities, commercial companies, research institutes and universities in the
Netherlands and internationally. Our motto is "Enabling Delta Life". As an applied research institute,
Deltares is successful if its knowledge is put to good use in and for society. Deltares is very
demanding when it comes to the quality of its knowledge and advice.

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